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P.H. Hagopian Contractor, Inc.

is seeking certified and qualified DVBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Demo, Earthwork, Concrete Reinforcement, Building Concrete, Structural Steel Framing, Metal Decking, Cold Formed Metal Framing, Metal Fabrications, Rough Carpentry, Firestopping, Joint Sealants, Flashing Sheet Metal, Doors Frames, Gypsum Board, Tile, Toilet Compartments, Acoustical Ceilings, Painting, Signage, Fire Sprinkler, Fire extinguishers, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Low Voltage, Fire Alarm Detection, Audio Visual Systems, Asphalt Paving, Site Concrete, Fences and Gates, Landscaping and Irrigation, Site Utilities, Fixed Hoists.


Corporation Yard Project- CSUF




The California State University


800 North State College Ave., Fullerton, CA, 92831


05-26-2022 at 02:00 PM


Paul Hagopian






2200 W. Orangewood Ave. Suite 130, Orange, CA, 92868


CSUF Corporation Yard Project

Bid Date: May 26, 2022, by 2:00 pm

Duration: 540 Calendar Days

Estimated Value: $14,043,000.00

The pre-bid RFI Deadline is May 6, 2022, no later than 2:00 pm at our office. Please submit all RFI’s to BIDS@PHHAGOPIAN.COM

Scope Of Work-

Major components of the project scope include, but are not limited to:

Selective site demolition, including removal of underground utilities, above ground utilities, paving, landscape and fencing; site grading; buildings demolition; building construction; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; construction of (1) 1-story shop building (25,930 sf), surface parking lot; wash bay (110 sf), loading dock and fenced exterior storage (1000 sf); site work, including select underground utilities and paving; construction of (1) 1-story office building (5500 sf) with surface parking lot; fuel island, trash area and fenced exterior storage; sitework including underground utilities, paving, landscaping and irrigation in accordance with the plans and specifications.

PLEASE SEND ALL BIDS AND INQUIRIES TO BIDS@PHHAGOPIAN.COM. Any questions regarding this project can be directed to Kristen Adams or Paul Hagopian. 

P.H. Hagopian requires all subcontractors to be prepared to furnish 100% performance and payment bonds by an admitted surety in the amount of their bid.  Premium cost to be listed as a separate bid line item.  P.H. Hagopian, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to waive the requirement for such bond. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Under new California Law, all Subcontractors and any Sub-Tier Contractors, must be DIR registered contractors at the time of Bid and at all times during the performance of the work. P.H. Hagopian is only soliciting sub-trade bids from those Contractors and Sub-Tier Trade contractors who are DIR registered Contractors.  

*DIR registration number must be included in your bid to have your bid considered.

P.H. Hagopian Contractor, Inc, intends to seriously negotiate with all subcontractors and requires all to execute the P.H. Hagopian Master subcontract.  A copy of the master subcontract is available for review at our main office and Website.

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