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is seeking certified and qualified City of San Diego SLBE/ELBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Demo, METALS, Metal fabrications, pipe and tube railings, WOOD, PLASTIC AND COMPOSITES, architectural wood and casework, wood paneling, THERMAL AND MOISTURE PROTECTION, penetration firestopping, joint sealants, OPENINGS, hollow metal doors and frames, flush wood doors, door hardware, FINISHES, paint, flooring, carpet, wood trim, LVT, curved perforated acoustical wood paneling, tile, solid surface countertops, gypsum board assemblies, drywall, resilient flooring, sheet carpet, SPECIALTIES, signage, toilet, bath and laundry accessories, THEATRICAL SPECIALTIES, theatrical platform system, stage platform and flooring, theatrical rigging, systems and controls, theatrical lighting dimming and control, theatrical lighting fixtures, theatrical audio video systems, FURNITURE, SEATING, fixed audience seating, portable audience seating, PLUMBING, sleeves and sleeve seals for plumbing piping, escutchions for plumbing piping, general duty valves for plumbing piping, hangers and supports for plumbing piping and equipment, plumbing piping insulation, domestic water piping, domestic water piping specialties, sanitary waste and vent piping, sanitary waste piping specialties, commercial water closets, commercial lavatories, commercial sinks, HVAC, HVAC TAB, duct insulation, HVAC equipment insulation, hydronic piping, air duct accessories, diffusers, registers and grilles, ELECTRICAL, grounding and bonding electrical systems, hangers and supports for electrical systems, raceway and boxes for electrical systems, sleeves and sleeve seals for electrical systems, vibration and seismic controls for electrical systems, identification for electrical systems, theatrical systems electrical installation, lighting control devices, central dimming controls, panelboards, wiring devises, fuses, LED interior lighting,


Lyceum Theatre Renovations




Civic San Diego


79 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA, 92101


07-07-2022 at 03:00 PM


Keith Stone






4350 Executive Drive, Suite 205, San Diego, CA, 92121


Scope: The work generally consists of renovation of two theatre spaces located within the Lyceum Theatre; the 'Main Stage' and the 'Black Box' theatres. Audience areas within the Main Stage will receive new fixed theatre seating, flooring, fire protection modifications, new doors/hardware and finishes. Within the Black Box a new portable audience seating system will be installed. Stage area improvements common to both theatres will consist of upgraded theatrical rigging, and theatrical lighting and audio/visual equipment, as well as HVAC modifications to improve heating and cooling. The Main Stage will also receive a modular stage flooring system. Dressing room areas are currently included in the project as an additive alternate and will be incorporated into the Project, budget permitting. Dressing room areas would receive plumbing, electrical power, lighting, and HVAC modifications to accommodate the revisions to the floor plan. Structural modifications will be made throughout the theatre spaces to facilitate the above-mentioned improvements. Demolition of miscellaneous existing improvements throughout the space are required to make way for the new improvements. 

All work to be completed to industry standards and best practices. Further details available in specs. 

Plans are available electronically from  All bids and material quotes must be per plans and specifications. All bids are required to be received in our office through our e-mail or fax number at least 1-2 business days before Bid Due Date so that we have ample time to fill out the required bid forms for the owner. Edwards Construction Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Bonds may be required and subcontractor must agree to our subcontract agreement.

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