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PALP Inc., dba Excel Paving Company

is seeking certified and qualified DBE and DVBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide C1522 reset, adjust roadway items, C0625 sand & gravel supplier (bulk item), C2501 aggregate subbase (AS), C2602 aggregate base (AB), C0639 asphalt supplier(bulk), C3901 asphalt concrete, C3910 paving asphalt (asphalt concrete), C9608 asphalt oil tankers, C0672 storm water systems supplier, C1000 whsle. broker of construction mtl.s (no inv), C9999 broker, A0781 landscape, tree services, C1601 clearing & grubbing, C1531 plane asphalt concrete, C3000 concrete pumping, C4010 portland cement & concrete pavement, C5100 concrete structure, C7301 concrete curb & sidewalk- misc, C4040 clean & seal pavement joints – rout & seal cracks, C1532 remove concrete, C1901 roadway excavation, C1940 ditches excavation, C1910 grading, C1920 structure excavation, C1930 structure backfill, C1980 imported borrow, C2201 finishing roadway, C8602 signal & lighting, C8603 signal, C8604 lighting, C8610 speed monitoring station, C8611 ramp metering system, C8608 detector, C0686 electrical & signals supplier, C9606 water truck, C9670 truck rental, C9907 construction equipment rental, C9908 heavy equipment rental, C0683 guard railing & barriers supplier, C8000 fencing, C8001 temporary fencing, C8320 metal beam guard railing, C8330 metal railing, C4201 groove & grind pavement, C7500 misc iron & steel frame, cover & grate, C5135 masonry block sound wall, C9842 masonry, C6819 filter fabric, C0621 landscaping mtl.s supplier, C5900 clean & paint steel, C7804 paint & stain concrete, C9854 painting structures, C0649 pilings supplier, C4901 furnish & drive piling, C7000 plastic pipe, C0671 drainage systems supplier, C0652 reinforcing bar section supplier, C5201 reinforcing steel, C7602 saw cutting, C6800 subsurface drain, C6815 horizontal drain, C9609 street sweeping truck, C5620 roadside sign, C8201 object marker, C8405 thermoplastic traffic striping & marking, C8406 painted traffic striping & marking, C8501 pavement marker, C0685 pavement markers supplier, C0800 traffic stripes, marking & traffic control mtl.s supplier, C5105 minor concrete structure, C8760 land surveyor, C2030 erosion control, C2066 temporary erosion control, C8852 swppp planning, C8612 pavement profiling, C8723 mtl.s testing services, C1200 construction area signs, C1201 traffic control system, C1211 traffic flagger, C1290 temporary railing (type K), C8396 crash cushion, C8601 maintaining existing traffic management system elements during construction, C8703 traffic engineer, C9602 bottom dump trucking, C9603 transfer dump truck, C9604 super 10 dump truck, C9605 flat bed trucking, C9607 end dump truck, C9771 trucker broker, C9774 trucker


Construction on State Highway in Orange County in Laguna Beach from 7th Ave to Ruby St.






Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, CA,


07-13-2022 at 02:00 PM


Stacy Tate






2230 Lemon Ave., Long Beach, CA, 90806


Plans and specifications are available through our FTP site:

PALP Inc., dba Excel Paving Company is a Union General Contractor, Equal Opportunity Employer.  If you are planning to bid this project, we encourage your participation and welcome your bid.  Excel Paving encourages participation from DBE and DVBE firms as subcontractors and/or suppliers.  Upon request we offer assistance in obtaining :  Bonding, Lines of Credit, Insurance, Necessary Equipment, Supplies and Materials

Please submit quotes to one day prior to the bid date.  If you need further assistance, please contact Louis Flores at; Jake Phillips at or Stacy Tate at

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