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PTSI Managed Services Inc

is seeking certified and qualified DBE ACDBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide general construction services, proper tools, equipment, site superintendent, dumpster/disposal services, porta-john facilities, potable water


Industrial Building Construction


SOL-AGL-2759 2913-03


Federal Aviation Administration


Various Locations, NV or, AZ,


08-19-2022 at 07:00 AM


Denise Buergey




Not Available


100 W Walnut St, Pasadena, CA, 91124-0001


Work Releases

AGL 2759 – ARSR Tower Refurbishments

• Phoenix, AZ (PHX)


AGL 2913 – ARSR Tower Refurbishments

• Silver City, NM (SVC)


Scope of Work

General Requirements

The Subcontractor shall provide general construction services, including but not limited to proper tools, equipment, site superintendent, dumpster/disposal services, porta-john facilities, potable water, and all other services as specified within the contract documents.

The Subcontractor shall obtain local permits and approvals as required for construction of the project. Submit all necessary information to Parsons for submittal to the FAA. The Subcontractor shall field verify dimensions affected by the project. Remedial actions will be based on the contract documents.

Progress/Review Meetings will be held weekly onsite with the Parsons RE, including schedule review.

The facility will remain in full operation during the period of time when the work in this Subcontract is being performed, though scheduled outages will be necessary for work performed at or above the catwalk level. Work at the catwalk level will require a shut-down of the radar. A schedule of time to complete this work will need to be submitted for consideration and scheduling of the shut-downs. The FAA can typically provide 3 to 4 consecutive full day outages (8-9 hours per day); regardless, all work requiring an outage must be completed in the time allotted by the FAA. Parsons will work closely with the Subcontractor in the development of this schedule.

Tower Preparation and Painting

Step 1: Clean the entire steel structure (does not include Radome) in accordance with SSPC-SP1 (Solvent Cleaning), SSPC-SP2 (Hand Tool Cleaning), SSPC-SP3 (power-tool cleaning) and SSPC VIS 3 (Guide and reference photographs for steel surfaces prepared by power and hand tool cleaning) and any Parsons approved products. The entire structure includes the tower, catwalk, catwalk handrails, grating, posts, rails, structural bolts/hardware, mezzanine, stairwells, and the platform that the Radome is placed upon. Every steel component on the tower is defined as the entire steel structure. Water supply for power-washing is to be provided by the Subcontractor.

Step 2: Paint the entire steel structure (does not include Radome) and the compound handrails with a Type II, organic, level 1 zinc-rich coating satisfying SSPC Paint Specification 20 (e.g. Galvalite by ZRC Worldwide or approved equal). If using an approved equal, it must be submitted to Parsons for approval. The zinc-rich coating is to be installed as per the requirements of the manufacturer. The zinc-rich coating is to be tested for applied thickness at each discreet prepared/recoated location (i.e. test each member, grating, handrails, etc.) by the Subcontractor. Documentation of the results must be provided to the Parsons’ Resident Engineer (RE). 100% containment for spray painting and roller brush activities must be utilized to ensure no overspray on adjacent buildings and grounds. If spray-painting methods are used to paint the tower, a Containment Plan must be submitted to Parsons for approval. Please disregard the instruction to use Rust Bullet Paint in the Tower Assessment Report (report was completed prior to zinc-rich coating requirement).

Step 3: The ARSR site is to be cleaned of all overspray, construction materials, tools and construction-related debris. In addition, any items designated for replacement that have not yet been replaced are to be removed and replaced at the time. The site is to be returned to the same or better condition (as determined by the FAA) as the project inception.

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