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is seeking certified and qualified SBE firms certified on SBA.GOV subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Scopes to be solicited include (but are not limited to): Temp Signage, Pavement Markings, Concrete Flat - Curb/Sidewalk, Drainage, Fender Demo/Install, MOT, Electrical, Signals, Erosion, Landscaping, Asphalt, Milling, Sawcutting, Demo-Building, Demo-Bridge, Demo-Marine, Clearing, Operating House, Rebar Supply/Install, Concrete Pavement, Utilities, Signage, Survey, Survey – Hydro, Shear Studs, QC - concrete/welding inspection, Concrete barrier/parapet, Drilled Caissons - S-83, Hydraulic piping, HVAC, Plumbing, HDD - Directional Drilling, Masonry – Brick, Erosion Control, machinery, Aggregate, Temp Barrier, Operating House, Concrete, Rebar, Signs – Permanent, Signs – Construction, Cofferdam, Structural Steel, Formwork, Steel Parapet/Barrier, Shear Studs, Grid Deck, Lead Plates - S-35, 318, Access Walkways, ladders, railings, Drainage – Roadway, Drainage - Steel Pipe, Ventilation Louvers, Bearings, Doors, Misc Metals - inspection walkway, ladders, stairs, ships ladder, doors, railing, handrail, Hydraulic piping, HVAC, Barrier/Warning Gates, Control Systems, precast concrete piles, steel pipe piles


Deep Creek Bridge Replacement


W9123622B2001 USACE


United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)


Chesapeake, VA,


08-30-2022 at 10:00 AM


Anthony Serio






1000 American Bridge Way, Coraopolis, PA, 15108


The bid submittal is scheduled for August 30, 2022 at 10:00am (EST) We hereby request that you submit your quotation to us no later than August 29, 2022 by 5:00pm (EST), on the items of work or materials that your company is certified to supply or perform. We encourage the participation of all SBE firms certified on SBA.GOV.  Please email your quotation to or fax to (412) 631-2003. 

United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) solicitation for the Deep Creek Bridge Replacement.  The work includes replacing the existing two-lane, bascule-type Bridge with a new five-lane bascule type movable bridge. In addition to the new bridge, the project includes a sidewalk on the South side, approach slabs, abutments, supporting piers, piles, pile caps, bulkheads, fender system, mechanical and electrical systems, lighting, emergency power generation, controls, radio, signage on the bridge, operator's control house of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, toilet and parking. The project also includes roadwork to create a connection between existing roads and intersections.

Plans and specifications for this project may be obtained through our SmartBid software.  Email inquiries to and an email with a link will be supplied. 

Your quote must conform to all requirements of the bid documents, including but not limited to the plans, general provisions, special provisions, specifications, and contract for construction of the owner/agency (including addenda thereto) and follow all federal, state, and local laws.

If your firm is awarded the project by Johnson Bros/American Bridge, you will be required to execute our standard subcontract or material supply agreement and adhere to our standard Safety and Quality Programs. Subcontractors, dependent on scale of scope, may be required to furnish a conforming certificate of insurance along with payment and performance bonds before entering a subcontract, the cost of which should be included in your quotation. Suppliers, dependent on scale of scope, may be required to furnish a supply bond before entering into an agreement. If requested, assistance and/or accommodations can be made in obtaining bonding, credit, insurance, etc.

Johnson Bros/American Bridge is a safety-conscious company, and the establishment of a safe workplace will receive the utmost attention. All site personnel will be required to adhere to the safety requirements of Johnson Bros/American Bridge and governing agencies.

Should you require assistance, or additional information concerning the above project, please contact Chad Ford,, 917.559.3235

Johnson Bros/American Bridge is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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