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is seeking certified and qualified DVBE and SBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Asbestos and Lead Abatement, Concrete, Metals, Wood Rough Finish Carpentry, and Architectural Woodwork, Thermal Moisture, Doors, Access, Hardware and Glazing, Finishes with Lath Plaster, Acoustical Ceiling, Ceramic Tiling, Signage, Toilet, Metal Lockers, Fixed Audience Seating, Plumbing, Electrical, Low-Voltage, Public Address Systems, Earthwork, Grading, Excavation, AC Paving, Site Concrete, Fences, Gates


Wilmington STEAM Magnet Middle School -ADA Barrier Removal


10370472/208141 | 2310000


Los Angeles Unified School District | BEST VALUE


1700 Gulf Street, Wilmington, Los Angeles, CA, 90744


09-23-2022 at 02:00 PM


Johnny Pinner






7312 Walnut Ave, Buena Park, CA, 90620


Project Scope includes, but is not limited to, Voluntary  Barrier Removal to the Admin Bldg., Science Bldg., Auditorium, Instrumental Bldg, Industrial Bldg., Physical Education Bldg., Cafeteria, Lunch Shelter, Choral Music Bldg., Bldg. A, Bldg.B, Bldg.BB-193, Library, Student Store Bldg., and Agriculture unit Bldg. The ADA upgrade for 16-restrooms, 12-drinking fountains, counters, 27-door entry modifications, door and hardware upgrade, concrete leveling, ADA Auditorium seats landing entries, student lockers, student locker shower rooms, sinks, signages, (2) concrete ramps, striping, accessible gate and accessible Path of Travel (POT).

Time of Completion is __516__Calendar Days. 

District Contract Bond Estimate is $ 3,697,000.

Read all SpecificatIons and General & Supplemental Conditions carefully for any and all night time requirements. Note Specification Section 011216-Phasing of the Work and 011219-Phasing of the Work Appendix A. 

RFI's are due no later than September 9th, 2022. 

Bidders should note that LAUSD requires all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors (MEP Subcontractor Trades) to be District prequalified prior to Bid, with Pre-Qualifications due the District by August 26, 2022.

This project is subject to the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification participation program, and also the recognized Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) program. PINMOR will be actively seeking SBE's and certified DVBE's to meet percentage goal requirements.

This project is also subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) , and through the LAUSD's DIR approved District Labor Compliance Program.  There is also a Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) that contracted subcontractors and contractors will be required to participate in. As part of this agreement, 50% of one's workforce is required as a goal to be District resident workers.  There is also a District sponsored We-Build hiring program, that we anticipate our selected subcontractors and tier-contractors to participate in. 

Selected Bidder, and all of their contracted subcontractors and tier contractors, will be required to participate in a mandatory Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) on this project. There are specific safety EMR eligibility requirements to be able to participate. 

All trades are expected to be bondable and prepared to furnish 100% Payment and Performance bonds from an admitted surety for their bid. [Bond premium costs are to be included in your bid as a separate item. ] This firm will, at our discretion, reserve the right to waive the above requirements for such bond, and to permit other security as a substitute, or to accept alternate guarantees in lieu of.  We will help assist interested subcontractors in Bonding, lines of credit, and insurance needs, if required.  However, please contact us prior to our bid date to discuss. 

We will negotiate in good faith for all trade selections. Subcontractors/Suppliers selected will be required to agree to, and sign, our standard Master Subcontractor Agreement (including payment terms) a copy of which is available at our offices. No modifications to the contract will be permitted. Hard copies of Plans and Specifications are also available for review/takeoff at our main office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30am -4:30pm. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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