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HighLand Construction, Inc.

is seeking certified and qualified DBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Lead Compliance Plan, Dispute Resolution Advisor On-Site, Hourly Off-Site Dispute-Resolution-Advisor-Related Tasks, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Temporary Pedestrian Access Route, Job Site Management, Prepare Water Pollution Control Program, Temporary Cover, Temporary Drainage Inlet Protection, Temporary Fiber Roll, Temporary Concrete Washout, Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Hazardous Waste), Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Pavement Marking (Hazardous Waste), Roadway Excavation, Roadway Excavation (Type Z-2)(Aerially Deposited Lead), Roadway Excavation (Type Z-3)(Aerially Deposited Lead), Roadway Excavation (Type COM)(Aerially Deposited Lead), Roadway Excavation (Type-TPH), Structure Excavation (Retaining Wall), Structure Backfill (Retaining Wall), Class 3 Aggregate Base, Lean Concrete Base, Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Tack Coat, Remove Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement, Structural Concrete (Retaining Wall), Bar Reinforcing Steel (Retaining Wall), Detectable Warning Surface, Minor Concrete (Curb and Gutter), Minor Concrete (Stamped Concrete), Minor Concrete (Sidewalk), Minor Concrete (Curb Ramp), Remove Concrete (Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk), Modifying Signal and Lighting (City), Modifying Lighting (City Street), Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon System, Modifying Interconnection Conduit and Cable (City), Modifying Fiber Optic Cable Systems (City), Modifying Camera System (City), Paint Curb (2-Coat), Chain Link Fence (Type CL-4, Vinyl Clad), Remove Chain Link Fence, Remove Pavement Marker, Pavement Marker (Retroreflective), Remove Roadside Sign (Strap and Saddle Bracket Method), Install Roadside Sign Panel on Existing Post, Bike Lane Marking (Green)(Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), Thermoplastic Pavement Marking (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), 6” Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), 8” Traffic Stripe (Enhanced Wet Night Visibility), Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Maintaining Existing Traffic Management System Elements During Construction, Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Systems, Modifying Camera System, Modifying Fiber Optic Cable Systems, Modifying Signal and Lighting Systems


Construct curb ramps and modify signal and lighting systems




Department of Transportation/Caltrans


Construction on State Highway in Los Angeles County at various locations from West 25th St. to West Carson St. (07-LA-213-0.0/8.0), Los Angeles, CA, 90007


09-28-2022 at 02:00 PM


Erin Richardson


(714) 538-5156


(714) 538-5157


133 N Pixley St., Orange, CA, 92868


** Items of work may be broken down into economically feasible packages to encourage participation. **

Plans and specifications are available in electronic format from the Department of Transportation. To obtain these documents, go to and select Contract #07-306614 from the drop-down menu. You may also view plans at your local Dodge Greensheet Plan Room or at our office located at: 133 North Pixley St., Orange, CA by appointment.

We can assist in payment of a reasonable bond premium.  A 100% payment bond and performance bond may be required for the full amount of the subcontract price.  Please provide a bond premium rate with your quote.  If you have any questions, need assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, equipment, supplies, materials or related assistance in services, please contact our office. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor’s license, insurance and worker’s compensation coverage meeting Caltrans’ requirements and may be required to sign HighLand Construction’s Subcontract Agreement.  HighLand Construction, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against any qualified employee, applicants for employment, subcontractors or vendors regardless of age, race color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, military service disabilities, disable veterans or Vietnam era veteran status. HighLand Construction intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project.

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