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is seeking certified and qualified DBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide ITEM NO. CONTRACT ITEM UNIT QTY 1 Construction Surveying LS 1 2 Construction Area Signs LS 1 3 Traffic Control System LS 1 4 Job Site Management LS 1 5 Prepare Water Pollution Control Program LS 1 6 Temporary Fiber Roll LF 450 7 Temporary Silt Fence LF 1,400 8 Contractor Supplied Biologist LS 1 9 Remove Asphalt Concrete Pavement SQYD 670 10 Clearing and Grubbing LS 1 11 Roadway Excavation CY 650 12 (F) Structure Excavation (Bridge) CY 25 13 (F) Structure Excavation (Type D) CY 350 14 (F) Structure Excavation (Retaining Wall) CY 610 15 (F) Structure Backfill (Bridge) CY 350 16 (F) Structure Backfill (Retaining Wall) CY 415 17 Ditch Excavation CY 29 18 Imported Borrow CY 920 19 Embankment CY 920 20 Hydroseed SQFT 12,700 21 Class 2 Aggregate Base CY 140 22 Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A) TON 210 23 (P) Prestressing Cast-In-Place Concrete LS 1 24 (F) Structural Concrete, Bridge Footing CY 59 25 (F) Structural Concrete, Bridge CY 350 26 (F) Structural Concrete, Retaining Wall CY 200 27 (F) Minor Concrete (Minor Structure – Drainage Inlet) CY 4 28 Joint Seal (Type B, MR 1”) LF 61 29 (P-F) Bar Reinforcing Steel (Bridge) LB 28,400 30 (P-F) Bar Reinforcing Steel (Retaining Wall) LB 14,650 31 (P-F) Bar Reinforcing Steel (Epoxy Coated – Retaining Wall) LB 14,000 32 (P-F) Bar Reinforcing Steel (Epoxy Coated - Bridge) LB 13,700 33 Bridge Removal LS 1 34 (P) 18” Reinforced Concrete Pipe (Class IV) LF 18 35 Rock Slope Protection (150 LB, Class III, Method B) CY 4 36 Concreted Rock Slope Protection (1/2 Ton, Class VII, Method B)CY310 37 (P) Rock Slope Protection Fabric (Class 8) SQYD 246 38 (P-F) Miscellaneous Iron and Steel LB 526 39 (P-F) Miscellaneous Metal Waterline Casing) LB 4,922 40 Snow Pole Marker EA 8 41 Object Marker (Type P) EA 4 42 Reset Roadside Sign (One Post) EA 1 43 (P) Midwest Guardrail System (Steel Post on Retaining Wall) LF 316 44 (P) Transition Railing (Type WB-31) EA 2 45 Terminal System MSKT-SP-MGS (TL2) EA 3 46 (P-F) California ST-75 Bridge Rail LF 191 47 Remove Guardrail LF 50 48 Paint Traffic Stripe (2-Coat) LF 376 49 Paint Pavement Marking (2-Coat) SQFT 118 50 Electrical Work (Salmon Creek Hydroelectric) LS 1 51 Mobilization LS


Packer Lake Road Bridge Replacement Over Salmon Creek




County of Sierra Department of Public Works


6.0 NE of Sierra City, Sierra City, CA, 96013


09-27-2022 at 03:00 PM


Gilberto Aceves






24339 State Highway 89 North , Burney, CA, 96013


Hat Creek Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are planning to bid this project, we encourage your participation and welcome your bid. All qualified bidders will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Plans & specs available through dropbox link below:!ApcobrwtX5MTiXjUn6PEkUaBQsON?e=goWOeR

Hat Creek Construction will assist with Bonds, Lines of Credit and Insurance if needed. Plans & specs available to view in our link above. Assistance is also available in obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance or other technical information.

Subcontractors will be required to enter into our standard contract. All subcontractors/vendors awarded work on this project must be able to furnish subcontract performance and payment bonds, for the amount of the subcontract bid, issued by an admitted corporate surety acceptable to our company (If required).

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