The Compliance News is a time-saving platform for CONTRACTORS bidding on public works projects. Compliance News connects CONTRACTORS with appropriate subcontractors and suppliers, making sure that CONTRACTORS maximize the potential of their Good Faith Efforts. As a legal trade and focus publication, COMPLIANCE NEWS has been a reliable source of upcoming public works bids for 20+ years. We can assist you with your Good Faith Effort outreach - from the ads to the selection, letters and calls.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES use COMPLIANCE NEWS for public works notices. We also provide online tools for local and state agencies to help promote diversity in contracting.

CERTIFIED SUBCONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS can find projects to bid on through the COMPLIANCE NEWS - No membership is required. See here for upcoming outreach events and where to go to get certified. Our partner Contractor News also offers news that local, small, and disadvantaged contractors can use.

Our comprehensive “Good Faith Effort” Packages assist you in every step of the process. Including placing legal Trade and Focus ads (which also includes a post to twitter), outreach to local, state, and federal referral organizations, compiling an appropriate list of certified firms, sending solicitation letters to those firms, all the while documenting the entire process. We can even assist you with your follow-up phone calls.

If your federal, state, or local agency or funding source requires steps that go beyond these common requirements, we provide a number of add-on features including a consultation after reading over your relevant bid package documents. TThis is the best way to connect with the types of firms you’re looking for while also ensuring that you’ve correctly followed the public agency’s instructions.

See our Contractor Services page where we lay out the different advertising and outreach options that we provide. The cheapest option are our advertisement bid notices that will cost you only $30. Our prices are significantly lower when you create an online account and follow the easy to understand steps. Your company address, contact information, and logo will be securely stored and you can update these at any time. You will have the ability to manage your account, and see completed orders and incomplete saved orders. If you do not want to go through our online portal we also offer a fax option where our expert team (with 20+ years of experience) will do the manual data entry and “good faith effort” search and selection ourselves. For this you can just send us back the easy to fill out Contractor fax form..

Since 1998 we have been helping our customers reach out to DBEs, MBEs, WBEs, disabled veterans, and other small and local businesses across the United States. If there is a directory of the certified firms for your state or city / county, or a federal agency, we will be able to provide outreach assistance to you. Many of these certified lists we already have in our system, others we can add if you contact us. All of these are accessible for our customers to search, select, and reach out to. We are constantly updating these and also adding new ones. Sign up for a free online account and you will have the ability to place notices / ads and let us help you create good faith efforts targeting state, city / county, and federal government-certified firms.

We do not provide direct certification assistance, however, under the “To Get Certified” section of our website you can find links to DBE, DVBE, MBE, WBE, SBE and other relevant programs across the 50 states as well as links to the relevant federal certification pages. Through those links you will find the relevant forms to become certified. You can then view the large number of advertisements and notices here on our website to see projects that are looking for diverse business categories.

Government and public agencies can place public notices, bid/contract notices, IFBs, RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs into our trade & focus journals. You can promote your agency’s contracts and projects with socially and economically disadvantaged business goals. They will be specifically geared toward reaching a wide audience of small, diverse, and underrepresented firms. Don’t waste your time publishing your public notices with generic websites that are never seen by your intended audience. We can provide you with data and figures showing the high volume of internet traffic to this website and our partner Contractor News. Through your online account’s dashboard we provide you with a number of tools, outlined on our Government Services. We are here to help you, so please feel free to contact us. If you would prefer not to make an online account for placing a public works notice, you can fill out our easy to use Government Fax order form.

The Compliance News was launched in December of 1998 with the aim of helping CONTRACTORS to advertise and do outreach aimed at DBEs, MBEs, WBEs, disabled veteran businesses, and other small and local business enterprises. Our founder is a disabled veteran and throughout our history we have been dedicated to employing disabled veterans, women, and people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. The company deploys E-commerce tools to create a more advanced form of bid document processing. Through our online dashboard we provide a valuable time-saving service, delivering high quality outreach and paperwork for your bid packages. We carry out precise searches and selections where we are able to utilize hundreds of government certified databases that we have gathered and are constantly updating and maintaining. We also publish bid/ contract notices for U.S. city, county, and state agencies and other public institutions. Our government dashboard provides a number of tools to help promote diversity and outreach in contracting. We operate across the entire United States of America. We are happy to help you with any questions or requests. Feel free to Email us at or call us at 1-800-599-6996 ext. 1.

OPENING HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Coast to Coast

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NOTE: We are closed on major federal holidays. However, you can sign up, log in, and use our system 24/7.

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