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is seeking certified and qualified DVBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Survey, Earthwork, concrete reinforcement, building concrete, Masonry, structural steel framing, metal decking, cold formed metal framing, metal fabrications, casework, waterproofing, insulation, roofing, joint sealants, roofing, sheet metal, doors and frames, glazing, gypsum boards, tile, toilet compartments and assc., acoustical ceilings, resilient flooring, carpet, painting, signage, lockers, fire extinguishers and cabinets, shades and blinds, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, low voltage, asphalt paving, site concrete, pavement marking, fences and gates, site utilities.


Placentia Public Safety Center Project - Phase 2




City of Placentia


2999 E La Jolla St., Anaheim, CA, 92806


01-26-2023 at 04:00 PM


Paul Hagopian






2200 W. Orangewood Ave. Suite 130, Orange, CA, 92868


Placentia Public Safety Center Project - Phase 2

Bid Date: Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 5:00 pm

Scope Sheets Due: January 23, 2022, by end of day.

Duration: 279 calendar days

Liquidated Damages: $3,000.00 per day

Estimated Value: $7.5 Million

The pre-bid RFI Deadline is January 17, 2023, no later than 12:00 pm at our office. Please submit all RFI’s to BIDS@PHHAGOPIAN.COM

Scope Of Work-

The Placentia Public Safety Project consists of an 11,000 SF 2-Story CMU block structure. The first floor consists of a training classroom, locker and shower facilities that make up 4,000 SF of the first floor and another 1,500 SF includes a 4 lane 75' gun range. The gun range ceiling baffles and mechanical system will be by others but power and lighting will be by us. We will also be responsible for the interior walls and finishes of the gun range. The second floor is 6,700 SF of office space and the emergency dispatch center for the police department.

The 5,200 SF metal building envelope will be constructed by Bluescope Construction (Butler's Certified Contractor). We will be responsible for about 2,300 SF of office tenant improvements within the Butler building, including but not limited to, all interior walls and ceilings and mechanical, electrical and plumbing/fire protection systems. 

The project is being built in two phases. Phase 1/Package 1, site grading and infrastructure, is currently underway and not a part of this bid. Package 1 plans are included for reference only. Package 2 includes the connection of underground utilities for power, water, and telecommunication infrastructure to the new building and the Butler Metal Building. Construction of the foundation system, concrete slab, and CMU walls of the new building while coordinating where the new building and Butler Building merge at Grid Line 4 and B. Construction of the main Public Safety Building including the firing range, elevator, office, and training areas,
lobby, restrooms as well as the full interior MEP systems and finishes of the Butler Building shell. 

Deferred Approvals:

-Fire Protection/Detection Systems (require a separate submittal and permit for proposed work)

-Site Underground Fire Line Piping

-Fire Sprinkler System

-Pre-action Fire Sprinkler System

-Clean Agent Fire Suppression System for IDF and MDF Rooms 109 and 209

-Fire Alarm System

-Submit fault current (AFC) info and supporting documentation from serving utilities

ALL BIDS MUST INCLUDE License number, and DIR registration number to be considered. Include a contact name, email, and DIRECT phone number on bid.

PLEASE SEND ALL BIDS AND INQUIRIES TO BIDS@PHHAGOPIAN.COM. Any questions regarding this project can be directed to Kristen Adams or Paul Hagopian. 

P.H. Hagopian requires all subcontractors to be prepared to furnish 100% performance and payment bonds by an admitted surety in the amount of their bid.  Premium cost to be listed as a separate bid line item.  P.H. Hagopian, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to waive the requirement for such bond. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Under California law, all subcontractors and any sub-tier contractors, must be DIR registered contractors at the time of bid opening and at all times during the performance of the work. P.H. Hagopian is only soliciting sub-trade bids from those subcontractors and sub-tier trade contractors who are DIR registered contractors.  

P.H. Hagopian Contractor, Inc, intends to seriously negotiate with all subcontractors and requires all to execute the P.H. Hagopian Master subcontract.  A copy of the master subcontract is available for review at our main office and Website. P.H. Hagopian Contractor, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and requests bids from all interested firms including disadvantaged, minority owned, women owned, emerging small businesses, and disabled veteran business enterprises. 

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