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is seeking certified and qualified DBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Traffic Stripe, Markings, TC Material Supplier, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Temporary Railing (Type K), Plane Asphalt Concrete, Remove Concrete, Remove Bridge Item, Clearing & Grubbing, Develop Water Supply, Erosion Control, Temporary Erosion Control, Concrete Pumping, Place Asphalt Concrete Dike & Misc., Ground Anchor, Furnish & Drive Piling, Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Piling, Concrete Structure, Minor Concrete Structure, Erecting Precast Concrete, Joint Seal-Water Stop, Reinforcing Steel, Air Blown Mortar, Roadside Sign, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Jacked Welded Steel Pipe, Concrete Curb & Sidewalk - Misc., Drainage Pumping Equipment, Pumping Plant Electrical Equipment, Misc. Iron and Steel Frame, Cover & Grate, Saw Cutting, Fencing, Thermoplastic Traffic Striping & Marking, Painted Traffic Striping & Marking, Lighting, Bottom Dump Trucking, Transfer Dump Truck, Super 10 Dump Truck, Water Truck, End Dump Truck, Street Sweeping Truck, Hazardous Waste Trucking


SR99 Rehabilitation CMGC - Child Package #1 (CP1)


Caltrans Contract 06-0W8014 | Project ID 0624000244


State of California, Department of Transportation


06-Fre-99-21.2/24.4, Fresno, CA


06-18-2024 at 02:00 PM


Kellie Reid






2716 Granite Court, Fresno, CA, 93706


Plans and specifications are available at the Builders Exchange, and they are also available for viewing at our office located at 2716 Granite Court, Fresno CA. 

Assistance: Granite will work with interested subcontractors to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages. Quotations will be broken down into comparable packages as reasonably necessary to increase overall DBE participation.

If assistance is needed to obtain bonds, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials, supplies, or with the bid submittal process in general, we encourage you to contact the Project Estimator, the Northern California Procurement Technical Assistance Center (, and/or the Minority Business Development Center (

Requirements: Granite is signatory to Operating Engineers, Laborers, Teamsters, Cement Masons, and Carpenters unions. 100% performance and payment bonds may be required for the full amount of subcontract price. Granite may pay for bond premium up to 2%. This will be a prevailing wage job. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor’s license, DIR registration number,
insurance and worker’s compensation coverage meeting Granite’s requirements and will be required to sign the standard Granite Subcontract Agreement. A copy of the insurance requirements and agreement can be obtained by contacting the estimator.

Requirements:  Reference Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Number and Current License Number.
                         Scopes are requested 48 hours prior to bid date.
                         Addenda must be incorporated into quote.
                         Granite intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project.

Estimator:         David Wood
                         Granite Construction Company

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