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is seeking certified and qualified MBE and WBE subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Asphalt, Pavement marking, Concrete, Surveying, Fencing, Court Surfacing, Electrical, Landscaping/Irrigation, Playground Install, Metal Fabrication, Unit Paving, Signage, Site Furnishings, Bleachers, Green Houses, Storage Shed, Shelter, Shelter Install, Tree removal, Synthetic Turf, Irrigation/ Drainage/ Plumbing.


El Toyon Park Proposition 68


Not Available


National City


2005 E 4th Street, National City, CA, 91950


06-12-2024 at 05:00 AM


Ethel Montano






8884 Jurupa Road, Jurupa Valley, CA, 92509


Ohno Construction invites your firm to submit a bid for the following project:

El Toyon Park Proposition 68

National City


The general scope of work is to construct minor landscape grading, pathways, pavements, pedestrian safety, utility, shade structures, splash pad play area, adult fitness area, fencing, landscape drainage, park lighting, communications, irrigation, planting, and park maintenance. Specific improvements will include site demolition, construction of curb ramps, cast-in-place concrete structures, walls and footings, porous concrete paving, aggregate base, grading, drainage improvements, signage, pavement markings, splash pad play features and filtration system, fitness equipment structures, wood and metal fencing and gates, park lighting, security, landscaping, and irrigation systems. Ancillary work will include mobilization, traffic control during construction, utility coordination, water pollution control, and construction surveying.

Project Location: 2005 E 4th St, National City, CA 91950

Project Labor Agreement: (PLA)/Union Wage is required on this project.

Engineer’s Estimate: $4,300,000

Duration: 260 Working Days

Minority and Women Owned Business are highly encouraged to submit a bid.

BID DUE DATE & TIME:  Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 5:00pm

Proposals may be emailed to the Estimating Department at or faxed to 619-278-8761. Quotes are required at least 2 hours prior to bid time. Proposals received after the Bid Due Date and Time will NOT be considered.


Bid documents are available for download from our website. To access these documents:

  1. Enter Email:                        
  2. Enter Password:                           Yosh1966*

Bid documents are provided for your reference only. All takeoff quantities provided by Ohno Construction are for your convenience only. Subcontractors and suppliers are responsible for obtaining all of the information necessary to provide a responsible and accurate quote.

*Any subcontractors who are interested in submitting a quote for this project please be advised to review any proof of Covid Vaccination requirements for on-site workers before turning in a bid. All specifications (including those relating to Covid) apply to all subcontractors and suppliers

*Asphalt subcontractors must agree to meet tolerances as mentioned in the drawings and in the specifications.


By submitting a proposal, the bidder acknowledges and agrees to all of the following terms: Proposer has carefully examined ALL the bidding documents/Addenda and that, from his/her own investigation, they have satisfied themselves as to the nature and location of the work. Ohno’s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of any or all of that subcontractor’s conditions, qualifications, exclusions, or exceptions included in the subcontractor’s bid proposal. Ohno is relying on the price submitted in the subcontractor’s proposal as an all-inclusive price for its trade scope found in the plans and specifications regardless of qualifying language in the proposal. Inconsistent bid terms and conditions shall be void. Break outs of any portion of work is permitted as long as specifically and conspicuously called out on proposal. If selected, proposer is prepared to sign a subcontract with Ohno per Ohno’s standard subcontract agreement. A copy of Ohno’s standard subcontract agreement is available at its office locations or upon written request. Ohno Construction reserves the right to request that performance and payment bonds assuring subcontractor’s obligations to Ohno in the amount of 100 percent of the bid to Ohno. Ohno will reimburse the bond premium at actual cost not to exceed 2%. The surety must be a California admitted surety. Insurance must name Ohno as additionally insured and be in an amount required by the specifications.


Please return your Bid Response to the Estimating Department by email at or by fax to 619-278-8761. Ohno Construction Company is an equal opportunity employer and encourages minority, women, veteran, small, and disadvantaged businesses to submit proposals.

Our firm will be providing a bid for this project:                           YES                         NO

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