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ETR Iroquois Job Corps Center

is seeking certified and qualified DBE, MBE, SBA 8(a), SDVOSB, VOSB, WBE, SDB, ANC, NHO, TS/SCI, TS and SC subcontractors and/or suppliers to provide Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins


Precast Catch Basins


SOL-SOL-Precast Catch Basins


Education & Training Resources (ETR), Purchasing Department, Iroquois Job Corps Center


Education & Training Resources c/o Iroquois Job Corps Center, Batavia, NY, 14103


07-31-2024 at 12:00 PM


Denise Socha




Not Available


11780 Tibbits Rd. , Medina, NY, 14103



Education & Training Resources LLC

2422 Airway Drive    Bowling Green, KY 42103

Iroquois Job Corps Center

Request for Quotation


Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins


Bids will be received until 12: PM on:




Note: If you are unable to quote, please notify Denise Socha Procurement Specialist, via the contact information provided below.  Please contact Brad Hilchey, Maintenance Supervisor, at 585.344.9650 for a walk-through.


This RFQ does not commit ETR to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a cost proposal or quotation, nor does it commit ETR to award a contract for products, supplies, or services. ETR will be the sole judge as to which bid offers the best overall value and will serve the best interest of ETR. ETR reserves the right to reject any and all bids without recourse from bidders.


Please mark envelope with: Iroquois Job Corps Center Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins Deliver To:


Denise Socha

Education & Training Resources

c/o Iroquois Job Corps Center

11780 Tibbits Road, Medina NY 14103



ETR is an Affirmative Action Employer committed to equal employment opportunity. In accordance with our Affirmative Action Policy; ETR’s recruitment and employment process is conducted without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, handicap, or veteran status. Contractors must agree to comply with this Affirmative Action Plan.


If you have any questions regarding this RFQ, you may contact Denise Socha, Procurement Specialist, at 585.344.9643






To be considered for an award of the contract, the response to this solicitation will include:


  • Completed “Bid Sheet” with specific Fee-For-Services information.
  • A detailed breakdown of costs.
  • All required New York licensing & credentials specific to the installation or service.
  • All required vendor paperwork (Vendor Acknowledgement Form; Form W-9; FFATA Notice, if applicable; Anti-Lobbying Certification, if applicable, etc.)
  • All applicable Certificates of Insurance.
  • Proposed schedule (days/hours) of specific services to be rendered.




The following Bid Provisions will apply. Failure to carefully read and follow all instructions will not relieve the bidder of any bid provision, and failure to do so will not place ETR at risk.


  1. All prices and notations must be in ink or typewritten. No erasures will be permitted. Errors may be crossed out and corrections printed in ink or typed adjacent and must be initialed in ink by individual signing the bid.


  1. Price Warranty: The Fee for Services quoted herein are no higher than would be quoted to any other customer, be they commercial and/or agencies of the United States Government for similar services.


  1. The bidder will list on a separate sheet of paper any expectations to the conditions of this bid. This sheet will be labeled “Expectations to Bid Conditions” and will be attached to the Bid Sheet. If no exceptions are stated, it will be understood that all general and specific conditions will be complied without exception.


  1. ETR reserves the right to accept and/or reject any or all bids or waive any formality connected with the bids. Lowest rate or overall bid does not constitute a Bid Award. ETR will be the sole judge of which bid is selected for approval and subcontract award.


  1. Items will be quoted F.O.B. destination. No additional charge for delivery, drayage, express, parcel post, packing, cartage, insurance, license fees, permits, cost of bonds, or for any other purpose will be paid by ETR unless specifically included in the bid and accepted by ETR.


  1. In the event that subcontract is awarded in response to this RFQ, the below Statement of Work, provisions and set forth Terms & Conditions will be incorporated in their entirety into the subcontract and become an integral part of the subcontract when the subcontract is accepted by the subcontractor, either by acknowledgement or commencement of performance.


  1. Winning bidder will be required to have an active registration at and a Unique Entity ID (UEI).


  1. Irrespective of winning bidder; ETR reserves the right, and will have final approval of any and all vendors, associates, or subcontractors to provide services to the center.


  1. Construction projects great than $35,000 but not greater than $150,000 a 100% payment bond and one other payment protection such as an Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Certificate of Deposit is required.  For any construction project greater than $150,000 a 100% performance bond and 100% payment bond are required.  (FAR 28.102-1. FAR 28.102-2.)


Education & Training Resources LLC

2422 Airway Drive    Bowling Green, KY 42103





    Iroquois Job Corps Center– Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins.


Scope of work consists of removing deteriorated concrete around 9 catch basins, add new riser to existing catch basin bring to grade (could very in sizes from 3 to 6 inches), grade for proper drainage, repour new concrete around each catch basin.   The catch basins have a 2 by 2-foot opening at the top and are 6 inches thick on the sides.  The total concrete to be removed varies up to 30 cubic yards around the openings.  The site is available for viewing Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM This SOW, the company will be to be bonded Greater than $150,000.00 refer to FAR 28.102-1





The included Scope of Work defines the requirements for the solicited project.




  1. CODES

The contractor will conform to all applicable construction codes, ordinances, and other regulations which are enforced by City, County, State or relevant Federal agencies. Where such codes are not in effect, it will be the responsibility of the Contractor to consult and use to the extent practicable, the national building code generally used in the area. OSHA regulations shall apply when applicable.


All conflicts and requests for interpretation or clarification shall be submitted to the Job Corps Center.


The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requires that all construction requirements adhere as closely as practicable to the current edition of the National Electrical Code and the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Standard No. 101, Life Safety Code. In addition, references and standards referenced with NFPA No. 101 will be considered part of the Life Safety Code and will serve as minimum requirements when applicable.

The contractor will not submit plans or specifications to any local or state authority without the prior approval of the Job Corps Center.


  1. Prior to submitting the cost proposal, the contractor shall visit the site and become thoroughly familiar with all pertinent conditions that are included in this Scope of Work. Failure to do so shall not relieve the bidder from the responsibility of properly estimating the difficulty or cost of successfully performing the work. A pre-bid conference will be scheduled prior to bidding. If you are unable to attend scheduled pre-bid conference, you can contact the buyer for an alternate site inspection. Alternate site visit does not change bid due date.
  2. The contractor will be required to verify all existing conditions and inform the center immediately of any discrepancies and/or unforeseen conditions which may affect the work.
  3. All materials, finishes and hardware shall be selected for their ease of maintenance and high durability and energy efficiency.
  4. All construction activity shall be in coordination with the center in order to minimize disruption of center operations.
  5. The contractor and all persons under the contract:
  1. Shall observe security regulations in effect on the center.
  2. Shall not fraternize with the students or staff at the center.
  3. Shall not consume or transport any alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco products (center is a tobacco free facility) or firearms onto the center.
  4. Persons violating the above shall be subject to disciplinary actions as set forth by the center. 


  1. The contractor must include with his bid certification that he will conform to the latest Davis Bacon Act decisions for the area. The contractor shall also be required to show proof of the required insurance, such as Builders Risk, Automobile, Liability, and Workers Compensation.
  2. The contractor shall be responsible for the security of materials stored on & off the site, as applicable.
  3. The contractor shall be responsible for all cutting and patching incidental to the work described herein and shall bear the expense of redecorating, repair, or replacement due to damage caused because of his fault or error.
  4. The contractor shall maintain a clean and safe work area throughout the period of construction. The Contractor shall secure the work area to ensure the protection of the center occupants whenever they can readily gain access to the work area. Clean-up and removal of all debris and refuse shall be on a daily basis. The Contractor shall be responsible for the removal and disposal of all debris in an approved landfill. In addition, the General Contractor must secure the work area, preventing dust and dirt from entering and contaminating the habitable areas. Any and all damage to the interior or exterior of the facility caused in the performance of the work shall be repaired by this Contractor at no additional cost to the center.
  5. Upon receiving final acceptance of the project by the center, the Contractor shall submit to the center all warranties, guarantees, and any other information that relates to the project.



Submittals as described in the scope of work will be expected on the schedule noted in the scope of work.



Inspections and reports will be expected as noted in the scope of the work. Applicable warranty and signed punch list will be required to close project and submit for payment.

BID SHEET (Fee-For-Service)

Iroquois Job Corps Center – Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins.


  OFFER TO: Education & Training Resources (ETR), Purchasing Department, Iroquois Job Corps Center, 11780 Tibbits Road Medina, NY 14103


In compliance with the Bid Provisions, Scope of Work, Terms & Conditions, and other specifications in this RFQ, the undersigned hereby proposes to provide Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins.


for the Iroquois Job Corps Center.


Fee-For-Service Pricing for: Iroquois Job Corps Center. Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins.

The prices herein represent currently established prices and are no higher than would be quoted to any other customer, either commercial and/or agencies of the United States Government for similar services.


Subcontractor Fee for: Iroquois Job Corps Center Add Risers to 9 existing Precast catch Basins.

as detailed in SOW: $____________


Fee-For-Services must be provided for all services. ETR reserves the right to accept or reject, and/or contract separately with an independent provider without consideration of the bid, unless bidder specifies awards as “All or None.”


Above listed unit pricing includes necessary labor, materials, transportation, and supervision required to accomplish Scope of Work. Any additional charges for service or product that are not included in the above items will be listed below:



Please note your payment terms (e.g. Net 30, Net 15, etc.)  PAYMENT TERMS: 

Submitted by:

Business Address: 

Printed Name: UEI: 

Signature: Phone: 

Date: Email: 

Vendor signature above signifies the understanding that the following applies:

  • FAR 52.209-6 (certification regarding debarment) applies to this SUBCONTRACTING PURPOSE
  • FAR 52.222-41 (Service Contract Act) applies to this SUBCONTRACTING PURPOSE
  • FAR 52.203-11 (Ani-Lobbying Certification) applies to this SUBCONTRACTING PURPOSE
  • FAR 51.101 (Dissemination of Information) applies to this SUBCONTRACTING PURPOSE
  • FAR 52.222-55 Minimum Wages for Contractor Workers under EO 14026 (Jan 2022) applies to this SUBCONRACTING PURPOSE


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